The Big Picture

Vision: KAR Group has the vision to truly become a member of your company’s team. We want to be there for you in as little or as many steps of the marketing process as you desire. The goal is for you to optimize OUR experience and use it to make your company stronger in YOUR area of expertise.

Why Marketing? Marketing combines different areas like:

  • advertising
  • communications
  • public relations
  • branding
  • social media
  • special events

It is a way to define what your company needs to do, outside of what you do best (your area of expertise) in order to establish your brand, be in front of your customers, and make sure they know how you as a business can help them.

Why KAR Group? Most medium to large-sized companies have marketing departments in-house. They might also hire private marketing firms for special projects and large initiatives. So, what can a small local business do? You still have many of these needs. KAR Group can help you fulfill these needs, within your budget. We want to be in-house for you, without the expense of hiring staff. We envision ourselves as a part of our clients’ team. When you succeed, we succeed.